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Naming Ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies may take many different forms, some examples follow:-
A Naming Ceremony can be part of a Wedding Ceremony, where children from different partners are acknowledged by the new partners as being part of the new family. Of course this is discussed with the children before the ceremony and is done with the full agreement of all of the parties involved. Sometimes a presentation Certificate of Family Unity is given to the family and signed by all parties. This would obviously make the ceremony longer than a normal Wedding. Usually the Marriage is completed first, followed by the Naming Ceremony.

Care should be taken here that the child's age be taken into consideration, as they may not be able to maintain focus for their ceremony for a lengthy amount of time. Naming and Godparent certificates may also be issued.
A Naming Ceremony can be an event all to itself. This ceremony is used when the parents do not want a religious ritual, but would like to acknowledge and celebrate their child's entry into the world. The parents may choose when to have the naming, and at what age they think it suitable. There are usually godparents or guardians chosen for the child who can take part in the ceremony.

Ideas for a Naming Ceremony
• Butterfly release to signify new life
• A book which guests may sign with wishes for the future of the child. This is usually given to the child on a significant birthday when they are old enough to appreciate the sentiments involved
• A balloon release with hopes and wishes for the child inside
• Displaying photos of relatives who cannot attend
• Lighting of Candles by the Parents and Godparents or Grandparents with spoken affirmations of their role in nurturing the child
• Parents may speak about their hopes for the child
• Celebrant may speak about the value of family unity and the influence of family and friends in the care and welfare of the child
• A Presentation Certificate of Naming signed by the parents and God Parents
Again this ceremony structure is only limited by your imagination.




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